Working Together

If you are a manager of people...

If you are a manager of people I work with you via training and one-on-one coaching to help you learn the skills to handle those conversations you need to have, and to build teams who are resourceful and self-starters. 

Through my digital products, you get materials and tools to improve your day-to-day conversations with employees so that everyone’s regularly all on the same page, and thriving. Find out more here.

If you are an employee...

I also work with employees like you who are taking charge of their careers, advancement and workplace experience, and are ready to invest in their own development. Where do you want to focus? 



(You as a manager can use this too.)

If you are an HR leader...

I work with you who are HR leaders and managers to bring training, coaching, and development to your workplace, to develop or reinforce the very important cultural attributes and human resources you are realizing are your competitive advantage.

What It's Like to Work Together

One thing I consistently hear from clients is that we work together to develop strategies that work for them — not based on the flavor of the month or the latest book out there. We’ll focus on what works for you, both practically, right now, and on a sustainable basis. We practice, anticipate what might happen, and develop contingency plans.

You can find more details about the logistics of working together by clicking here.

How We Can Work Together

I’ll be happy to schedule an initial, no cost, consultation with you to talk about your needs.

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