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If you have a question that isn’t listed here, please submit it through the form at the bottom of the page and I’ll do my best to get back to you as promptly as possible.

Q1) Do I need management training to benefit by working with you.

A1) You can bring any level of experience or training to our work together. Your willingness and openness to think differently and try new things has a big impact on how you benefit.

Q2) Do you only work with managers?

A2) I can work with people in all kinds of capacities who want to improve their experience at work.

Q3) Do you only work with corporations?

A3) The majority of my experience and work has been with Corporate America. That said, people are people, no matter the industry or organization structure. Working with human nature at work is the foundation of my philosophy and approach. I bring this to my work with corporations, non-profits, small businesses, small business owners and independent professionals alike.

Q4) I’ve seen you say you specialize in manager-employee communications —do you work with people on employee-employee communications and manager-manager communications too?

A4) Yes. Really, no matter the relationship at work, I’m prepared to help you navigate the challenges.

Q5) What do your clients say about you?

A5) Learn from some of my clients first-hand what they have gotten from working together.


Working With You as a Client

Q6) How does a typical session go? How do we spend our time together?  

A6) Our primary work is to help you develop and apply a plan to work toward your stated goals. The recommendations, advice, coaching, and answers I’ll give you will depend very much on your specific circumstances, personality, and available resources and energy.

I help you find solutions that you’ll actually take action on — even if they’re small — to feel like you are moving forward, while still holding the vision for your long-term goals. I’m big on helping you analyze situations, anticipate responses and develop ways to practice in low-stakes situations to prepare you to take on a big change — if that’s what you want.

We work through exercises and materials. We brainstorm. I listen objectively and supply objective feedback and practical ideas.  I tend to be direct and honest about what’s working and what’s not and expect the same from you. It’s important that we both understand that coaching services are not a substitute for therapy, and in fact can be supplemental to therapy.

Q7) How do we get started working together?

A7) If you’ve reviewed this page, my Working with Me page, my services and client testimonials pages and you find that you want to proceed, I suggest using my contact form page to request a consultation so we can discuss your needs and how I can help you. (This initial consultation costs you nothing.)

In preparation for this complimentary consultation, I’ll ask you to complete a few information-gathering questionnaires. Your responses will help us use our time well, further clarify your goals and help us decide if we are a fit to work together. If we do end up working together, this foundational work you’ve done will help accelerate your likelihood of success.

If we choose to proceed, I’ll then follow up with an enrollment form that describes my best recommendations for our work together, time needed, your investment, and the terms of our work together.

You’ll then have a chance to review and complete the enrollment form, return it to me and we’ll get started.

Q8) I’d really like to work with you but you’re not in my area.  Can we still work together?

A8) I work by phone, Skype or using others tools. We can work together from wherever you are. I work regular daytime hours in the Eastern Time Zone. We’ll find a way of working with your schedule.

Q9) How can I pay you?

A9) I accept payment through PayPal. When we commit to working together, we’ll agree on our payment format and I’ll either send you a PayPal invoice or you’ll book a package or program directly through the website and select your payment method that way.

Q10) Do you offer payment plans?

A10) Yes, I consider this on a case-by-case basis. My goal is to find a way for us to work together that works well for both of us.

Q11) What if I have a question you haven’t answered here?

A11) Don’t hesitate to contact me by completing the form below.

Q12) What do your clients say about you?

A12) Click here to learn from some of my clients, in their own words, what they have gotten from our coaching work together.

And if you’d like to explore more about working with me, complete the form below to setup some time so we can decide together the best way to proceed.

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