The Empowered Professional Success Plan

Looking Ahead

This program provides concentrated attention and skill-building for mid- to high-level professionals or managers.

Look beyond your current situation. Explore and plan for change.

You see trends in your industry, your occupation or with your employer, that tell you change is on the horizon. You want to get in front of it. You would rather not be caught off-guard. Or you may be in a position where you have no other choice but to start looking ahead.

The nature of employment has changed so much, and continues to do so. If you are familiar with what it takes to find a new job these days, you know your application can fall into a black hole. It can take longer to get an interview. The interview process is more drawn-out. You may not hear any word for weeks.

Then there is the trend toward being a free agent of sorts, even though you are playing a strong role on a project, alongside full-time employees, i.e., The Gig Economy.

Aside what you see going on around you, you may want a change – on your own terms. You want to move to a different employer or a different line of work altogether. You may want to start your own business. You may not know what kind of change you want. You just know you need one.

What the Empowered Professional Success Plan can do for you.

Through a private individual Success Plan program, customized for you, looking ahead, you can make use of your coach as a guide to:

  • Clarify your strengths and interests so that you know what you have to work with, and what you want to research, develop or practice.
  • Consider fulfilling your dreams or discover new options. Family and friends are great, and sometimes their concerns or good intentions for you hold you back. With a coach you have a trusted and encouraging partner that supports you planning and working toward your goals.
  • Create a plan of action. Act on it. Review your results. Adjust as necessary as you continue to move toward the life/work-life you desire.


Incredibly valuable and fruitful personally and professionally.

"For the last 6 months I've been working with ‪Mary Schaefer. She's been a constant source of candor, inspiration and hope.Her expertise paired with her innate ability to challenge her clients (with a smile) have proven to be incredibly valuable and fruitful personally and professionally.

Thank you Mary for all your time and guidance.

If you're looking to get better, better your team or organization, do yourself a favor and contact Mary. You won't be sorry.”

- Luis "Javy" Diaz, Project Manager & Marketing Analyst


How we would work together.

The design and components of how we work together depend on your specific situation. Generally, based on my workwith other clients, it most effective to meet twice a month over the course of 3-6 months. The most basic package starts at $375.

Together, we'll develop and implement your own customized private individual Success Plan, following the general outline here.

Step 1. Assess the Situation– Determine your recognition of what needs to change, and your willingness to make changes.

Step 2. Determine the Target – Depending on your unique needs, we'll prioritize our focus, whether it's on skill building, practice, self-awareness, research, performance, or any number of areas where you want to make a change or improvement, with a trusted partner.

Step 3. Design and Implement an Action Plan– Create an action plan that builds a foundation for strong leadership of self and others. that you grow and develop in line with your original vision for yourself and your contribution to the organization's goals.

You can find further details on the logistics of how we can work together here on my Frequently Asked Questions and Working with Me pages.

What success looks like.

When you invest in yourself like this, you reap the benefits of your choices, perhaps in the investment you've made in your own education, career aspirations or with a particular employer. Click here to read about some of my other clients' experiences and results.

The focused, structured, customized aspects of a coaching program are intended to help you grow to deliver on organization goals while at the same time getting the work done in such a way that you are able to realize your dreams and enjoy your work.

Here's the next step.

For a private complimentary consultation on how this customized coaching program can meet your needs simply complete the form at the bottom of this page,

I found the confidence for my next big thing.

"Mary Schaefer is a true advocate and champion. Her level of expertise and insight are unparalleled. With her encouragement and guidance, I found a confidence and a solid platform for my next big thing. I cannot wait to connect her with others for support realizing their fullest potential. I joyfully and wholeheartedly recommend Mary."

- Lisa Pieretti, Philanthropy Advocate and Expert


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