What My Clients Are Saying

Definitely recommend for a fast paced work environment


"From the first time I read an article Mary had written on having difficult discussions in business, I knew I needed to speak with her about her approach to executive coaching. She is an expert from top to bottom. She had a disciplined curriculum, was well organized and flexible enough to understand the demands of a Silicon Valley exec. As she worked through the process with me,  all my colleagues she encountered were impressed with her detailed approach to executive coaching. She was able to provide me with insights and feedback, I felt was needed for me to move into the C-suite. I would definitely recommend her for anyone in the fast paced start-up world. Timelines don’t always allow for long growth and mentoring from upper managers. Mary can provide skills and techniques to help any executive manage and lead a company more effectively."

— Daryl McNutt, Digital Technology and Marketing Executive

Helped us adapt and become more productive in the new organization


"Mary and her company were invaluable to me and my organization in helping to guide our teams through a major organizational restructuring. Mary was able to assess the unique needs for the organization and tailor her programs to fit these needs and the budget we had to work with.

Mary provided 3 successful programs which included developing coaching skills across the teams, providing personal coaching to the department senior staff members, and leading a change management program to help individuals adapt and become more productive in the new organization." 

— John Dettenwanger, Information Technology Executive

Creates a lasting impact through coaching and training


"I had the privilege of experiencing Mary's talents in both the classroom and one-on-one coaching settings. Regarding the group coaching activities in a classroom setting, Mary was very engaging and effective. Many of the attendees talked about the class weeks afterward. Many are still practicing the techniques! From a one-on-one perspective, I sincerely appreciated Mary's low-key approach to draw out my issues and resolutions. It was a case of her helping a very busy person who was also frustrated with the work environment and not focused on what was important. Due to the coaching, I was able to organize my thoughts and goals into a series of small steps that are leading me down the path I want to go. I am now happier at home and at work.  It was all right in front of me -- just needed Mary to help me focus on it and see it!"

— Executive at a Leading Retail Chain

Gets to the root cause and gets results


"I have used Mary several times over the years as a coach when needs arise and I believe some professional help would help improve my success or either assist in quick decision-making.

More recently I hired Mary for consultation and guidance on team dynamic problems in the workplace. Mary gets up to speed very fast and uses very insightful questioning to get to root causes. She easily sized up the situation and developed a plan to get to a solution. She is able to provide excellent advice on the spot and guide individuals personally to improved dynamics as well as guiding teams as a whole. I was very pleased with how quickly results can be achieved with Mary’s help."

 — Kim Diaz, Marketing Professional, DuPont

Prepared me for an uncomfortable conversation


"Recently I found myself in an uncomfortable situation at my workplace and decided to have a conversation about it with a superior. As someone with generally strong communication skills and comfort with speaking publicly, I wasn't mentally prepared for the intimidation factor of this! Mary was very helpful in instilling confidence and pointing my thoughts in the right direction, and really refining the tactic I had going into the meeting. The meeting had a very positive turnout, which in all reality, had I not spoken with Mary and heeded her advice, it might not have. I would think that she could give even the most confident communicator a few helpful tips at the very least - and the outcome could be better than one would imagine. Thanks Mary!"

 — Krystina Benedetti, Professional Graphic Designer

Helped me with strategy for my workplace


"I first heard Mary speak at a conference. She is a dynamic and engaging speaker with fresh revelations about work relationships. Mary has a lot of experience, is a keen observer of human nature and is able to translate that into practical advice for the workplace. Her advice makes sense in the real working world. That's what led me to seek out her coaching counsel. Mary's advice challenged me, but I didn't find it impractical to execute. Her advice is not full of flowery platitudes that makes you feel good but is pragmatic. Her insight helped me to work in the modern business world."

 — R & D Professional, Fortune 100 science company

Expert with superb presentation skills

"Mary recently delivered a webinar for our women's alliance members. I found her to be an expert in the subject matter and in addition her presentation skills were superb. She received high accolades from the membership on the content of the webinar [Manage Constant Change: Increase Your Performance, Confidence and Job Security]."

 — Catherine Flett, Sales Specialist, Xerox


"Thank you Mary for all your time and guidance."

"For the last 6 months I've been working with Mary. She's been a constant source of candor, inspiration and hope. Her expertise paired with her innate ability to challenge her clients (with a smile) have proven to be incredibly valuable and fruitful professionally and personally.

Thank you Mary for all your time and guidance.

If you're looking to get better, better your team or organization, do yourself a favor and contact Mary. You won't be sorry."

Javy Diaz

World Vision USA


In order to have an ally who would listen to me


"I own a stand-alone business with 40 employees. In order to have an ally who would listen to me, I contacted Mary Schaefer. Mary heard what I had to say and she synthesized a coaching program in which I have learned how to SOLVE my problems rather than merely discuss them. Our recorded sessions provide a resource for me to review when I repeat old patterns. I can adjust my decisions based upon the lessons I've learned with Mary. My staff who attended a customized day of training gave rave reviews. I heard from several folks that, in their experience, training was dull but that Mary made it enjoyable and lively. I feel confident that everyone can benefit from working with Mary."

— Margaret Hill,  Admiral Resort Motel, Wildwood Crest, NJ

Helps you develop yourself for the next step


"Mary was my career coach while I was at Xerox during one of the manager training courses that I went through. She has helped me tremendously in my professional development and I am forever grateful that I have crossed paths with her. Mary was able to effectively identify key areas of improvement, meticulously guide me to develop a plan to address them, and most importantly held me accountable to follow through. I would highly recommend Mary to anyone who truly wants to develop themselves for the next step in their career."

— Michael Lu, Financial and Analytics Manager

Coached me to discover my own path


“As I was beginning my career, I was full of questions and uncertainty. Right from the beginning, Mary saw me as an individual. She didn’t try to address my situation with a “one-size-fits-all approach” or give me “the” answer. She led me to discover my own path and answer my own questions. She was able to do this because she sought to understand my perspective. Once I started working, I found that not everyone else in my workplace valued each other like Mary valued me. She taught me how to lead from my position —how to develop my own approach in a way that was respectful. She taught me how to be an empowered employee along with many other skills that I will keep with me throughout my career which will allow me to succeed in all of my professional endeavors.”

— Mollie Keane, former Development Volunteer Coordinator, YWCA Delaware

Delivered coaching effectively and on target


"I highly recommend Mary as a career coach. She was assigned as my coach for a leadership training course and had a positive impact on my career. She has vast personal experience that she pulled from to quickly identify my needs, and delivered coaching effectively and on-target. And she made the time to stay in touch with me even after our formal engagement ended. Thank you, Mary, for your support and wisdom."

— Marina Tharayil, Director, Analytics

Communicating honestly about honest communication


"I enjoyed talking with Mary about solving sticky situations and found her insights into honest communication particularly impactful."

— Brooke Miles, Marketing Professional & President at Delaware ShoutOut, Wilmington

We're so lucky to have her in our backyard


"Mary has worked in Human Resources for many years and she currently is a speaker, coach and trainer in the areas of management. We met with her to assist us with becoming better managers at our store and are considering doing more work with her.  I think she really has a lot to offer. She works with Fortune 500 companies and travels around the country and we are lucky to have her in our back yard."

— Retail Manager, Newark, DE

HR, Consulting, & Management

Gets to the root of client issues


"Several years ago we selected Mary from a pool of talented candidates to provide coaching and facilitation services via the web. Mary's ability to quickly get to the root of a client issue and guide the client through a breakthrough process continues to amaze me. She uses her experience, education, and intuition to provide a high level of service and I recommend her to any individual or organization seeking clarity, improved performance, and high-impact outcomes."

— Susan Franzen, Managing Partner, PatternShifts

As my manager, encouraged teamwork and development


"Mary was a true pleasure to work with at DuPont. She brought a fresh perspective to our organization that encouraged teamwork. Mary also led the effort to enhance and develop programs that would reward employees for their scientific contributions. She was viewed as a trusted member of management by all levels of the organization and was often sought out for advice.

Mary's encouragement and support enabled me to expand my areas of responsibility and improve my knowledge as a human resources professional. I would recommend Mary as a top notch consultant!"

— Robin Russell, Human Resources Specialist, DuPont

Builds concensus through exellent communication skills


"Mary is an extraordinary business owner and leader with boundless energy and vision. She has an uncanny ability to bring consensus and to build a team that will go the extra mile. Mary has used her extraordinary skills and abilities to serve her clients in meeting their business objectives. Mary is well-read and is an excellent communicator, as is demonstrated by her outstanding oral and written skills."

— Evern Ford, President and CEO, EDF & Associates

Gets to the root cause of the challenge


"Mary is an innovative consultant, coach, and trainer who listens intently, asks thoughtful questions, and then hones in on the source of the challenge. She is passionate about helping employers and employees move through change in a respectful and collaborative manner. If you need a wise guide for your team or yourself, call Mary—you won’t be disappointed."

— Pam Woods, President and Founder, Smart WorkLife Solutions

Outstanding support to management


"In my time in Research Management I worked closely with Mary through some rather difficult times. As our HR specialist Mary provided outstanding coaching and counseling to the entire management team. I have a great deal of respect for her ability and would certainly recommend her to anyone who might be looking for career or management counseling."

— Steve Gee, Research Manager, DuPont

Extremely knowledgeable as a human resources professional


"Mary is an extremely knowledgeable individual in the field of Human Resources. She is also very effective in the area of organizational development and coaching. Since Mary's retirement from DuPont I have contracted with her for her coaching and facilitation services. She is a skilled facilitator with the ability to ensure that each participant leaves the room with a greater sense of awareness."

— Rich Vintigni, Senior Human Resources Professional