Training Programs

As an HR leader or as a leader of other managers, these programs may be just what you need to accelerate the development of great managers and real leaders in your organization. Mary's programs provide high-touch, face-to-face practice and development.

Advanced Coaching Skills For Managers

True coaching involves expanding options, creating opportunities and generating solutions. When your managers develop and apply coaching skills they can increase their employees’ resourcefulness and initiative and their own strategic thinking skills, without adding anything to their to-do list.

Build Better Work Relationships With Advanced Communication Skills

In this lively and practical one-hour webinar you will learn tactics to engage with others to create a foundation for more effective interactions – useful no matter what your role at work.

New Manager Skills for Technical Managers

They were trained for their technical speciality, but not necessarily on team-building, performance management or managing people. This training is specifically designed to bridge that gap between their deep technical expertise and the mindset required to make things happen through others

Customizable Programs

For when you want to focus on developing a specific skill set or behavior in your staff or organization members.

Click here to get some ideas, then contact me to discuss designing a program to meet your needs.

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