Empower Hours Select Coaching Program

One to six hours to use for just about anything.

You may be a manager, an employee, or none of the above. You may be employed, not currently employed, or looking. You may have one goal or many. I've had clients use this time for one or more of these goals:

  • Exploring and determining long-term career goals.
  • Improving a working relationship with a supervisor or a peer.
  • Positioning for advancement or a job change.
  • Focusing on development of a particular skill.
  • Handling a sticky or delicate work situation.
  • Influencing your workplace culture to be more positive and healthy.

How we'll use our time together.

We can use this time any way you wish within a 6-month period. We can meet for two 30-minute sessions in 2 months. We can do a couple of intensive work sessions of 2-3 hours each. We can stretch your time out over 6 months. The possibilities are nearly limitless. And you don't have to have it figured out right away.

If you want more info about how our coaching interaction would work in general, take a look at my "Frequently Asked Questions" and Working with Me pages.

And here are yet other possibilities we could work on together in our sessions:

  • Get support for a change in assignment. (e.g. "Should I get out of management?")
  • Map out next steps in your career path.
  • Get clear and helpful feedback from your supervisor on your performance.
  • Make sure your accomplishments and known, understood and increase your likelihood for advancement.
  • Use all the resources available to you to excel in your role.
  • Look at big work/life changes (e.g. "Should I leave this job or this employer?")
  • Create a more healthy work experience for yourself.

As an experienced coach, I can work with you to take on the just about any topic you are ready to launch into.

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Her insight helped me work in today's business world.

"I first heard Mary speak at a conference. She is a dynamic and engaging speaker with fresh revelations about work relationships.

Mary has a lot of experience, is a keen observer of human nature and is able to translate that into practical advice for the workplace. Her advice makes sense in the real working world. That's what led me to seek out her coaching counsel.

Mary's advice challenged me, but I didn't find it impractical to execute. Her advice is not full of flowery platitudes that makes you feel good but is pragmatic."

- R&D Professional, Fortune 100 science company

What to do next

Use the form below to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation at your convenience to see if we are a fit.  Reserve about 30 minutes. 

We'll talk about your challenges, how you want things to change, and what specific outcomes you want to walk away with.

I may provide some questionnaires to complete beforehand. 

We'll work together to figure out what you want to include in your package that makes sense for your situation. I look forward to hearing from you.

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