Resources and Services for You as an Employee


It’s come to the point where your employer may have less time and money to devote to your need for individual, customized skill-building. Ultimately you own your career trajectory. More and more of my clients are investing in their own private, focused development.

The Empowered Professional's Success Plan*

Whether you want to look at your current situation or look ahead, you can use the Empowered Professional Success Plan. Where do you want to focus?

Succeed in Your Current Job - or -  Looking for Something New

(You as a manager can use this too.)

The Empowered Manager Coaching "Self-Select" Program

The Empowered Manager Coaching Program is for when you are eager to up your game from being a “good” manager to being much more effective with your employees. Because you are ready to invest in your own development

The "Empower Hours Select" Program

You and I can design this to use for just about anything to support your own development or decision-making regarding work or your career.

LinkedIn Assessment & Consultation

You only get one chance to make a first impression. No matter what your role or career plans, it doesn’t hurt for your online presence to be powerful and impressive. Click here to learn more about how we can get your LinkedIn profile and usage up-to-speed for SO many good reasons.

Webinars for Your Team or Network

Help them to get a quick hit of skill-building, motivation, or just one idea to get them out of a rut and moving forward on their objectives. These are just a few of the topics offered:

  • How to Make Your Relationship With Your Boss Work For You.
  • Make the Most of Constant Change: Improve Your Performance, Confidence and Job Security.
  • How to Make Teamwork Work.

See more topics here.

Tools & Guides

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