Presentations and Webinars for Employees

Keep in mind, managers are employees too.

(“What IS a webinar, Mary?”)

Make Your Relationship With Your Boss Work For You

Most supervisors want the same thing — employees who are resourceful and make their lives easy.Do you know how to be one?

Through this presentation, you will come away with ideas to:

  • Clearly show the value you bring.
  • Get your boss to take your ideas seriously.
  • Distinguish yourself as someone who is reliable and who delivers.
  • Make sure your everyday actions and decisions align with business priorities.

Make the Most of Constant Change

Improve Your Performance, Confidence and Job Security

Constant change at work. It could be outsourcing, reorganizing or downsizing. There always seems to be a curve ball around the next corner.

Presenter, Mary Schaefer has experienced 8 downsizing events. She has coached those in transition and survivors of downsizing alike. Mary speaks from experience about how to manage through the seeming never-ending cycle of change.

Through this presentation, you will come away with tips and tools to take charge of your own experience, including how to:

  • Stand out so you are more likely to be viewed as indispensable.
  • Develop a network that can help you when you really need it.
  • Shore up your reserves so the chaos at work doesn’t swallow you up.

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Expert in subject matter

"Mary recently delivered a webinar for our Women's Alliance members. I found her to be an expert in the subject matter. In addition, her presentation skills were superb. She received high accolades from the membership on the content of the webinar."  

- Catherine Flett, Sales Specialist, Xerox

[100% of survey respondents found this presentation beneficial and interesting.]

Navigate Your Career Journey to Get You Where You Want to Go

This session provides you with tips, tools, and tales of real-life experiences that relate to developing a career strategy, and navigating the unexpected.

A career strategy is particularly helpful if you need to reroute due to an unexpected detour. You can even learn to anticipate potholes, and shore up your reserves so you’re not devastated if the road crumbles beneath you.

Through this presentation, you will learn what it means to:

  • Own your career.
  • Make your value visible.
  • Avoid isolation and expand your influence.

You own your career; no one will ever care as much as you do. Studying the paths of others before you can help you strategically reach your career goals.

High-quality presentation

"You are truly an inspiration! Thank you very much for so generously sharing your wisdom and professional journey with the participants at the 2014 Inspiring Women in STEM Conference. We have been overwhelmed by feedback on the high quality of the presentations, workshops and panel discussions. The conference attendees valued learning your career planning tips and techniques."  

- Conference Organizer, Inspiring Women in Science and Technology Conference

Make Teamwork Work

Capitalize on Your Different Styles as Team Members

You come together as a team with the best of intentions. You may be assigned to a project or volunteer to plan an event, for instance. Before you know it, tensions flare, quietly or in a burst of flame. Most people mean well, and what they don’t know is that we all have our own valid ways of approaching work, and our skills can be very complementary.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • The strengths you bring to the table.
  • The typical approaches of your teammates.
  • How your approach can be misunderstood.
  • How to appreciate your team member’s strengths.
  • How to fill in any gaps in your team behavior.

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Topics for Managers

*Webinar: A presentation that takes place over the Internet, allowing participants in different locations to view the presentation (slides)  and sometimes interact with the presenter, depending on the technology used. Presentations can also be delivered via teleconference, meaning participants call into a conference line to hear the presentation and follow along using materials distributed.

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