Customized Training

When you want to focus on a specific skill set or behavior for staff or organization members

Are you noticing any of these things?

  • Your employees regularly don’t do what is asked, the first time —and they’re not just being difficult.
  • From the top to bottom, you’d like to see more organization members show more initiative to serve the customer and meet organization goals.
  • You hear complaints about a new and improved process —when you expected it to go over well.
  • You feel like you are working harder than ever to coach and develop employees, and yet they say they still don’t get enough feedback.
  • For all the time you put into salary increase and promotion decisions, no one ever seems happy.
  • You have town meetings, regular written announcements and informational memos, an online bulletin board and job board, an open-door policy and employees say there’s still not enough communication.
  • Employees seem to shut down just when you need them to go with the flow in response to changing customer needs or market conditions.

It’s completely understandable.

You might find yourself wishing, “can I just send them away and have you fix them for me?” There are a lot of ways to answer that question… and what is clear is that when managers like you approach me about training, the pain being experienced is on a grand scale. You know something needs to be done, but don’t know how to go about it, or even if you have the time or energy to do so.

What I know is that well-planned, focused, interactive training can:

  • Empower your managers to deal with a wide array of employee issues in a constructive and confident way so they can focus on productive, bottom-line work without having to ask you what to do every time.
  • Help your managers improve communications with employees, all toward getting work done, and getting it done right the first time.
  • Cultivate a more engaged, motivated and higher-performing workforce, who creates ideas to streamline processes, save money, develop new products that they wouldn’t have come up with otherwise.

What we can we accomplish.

Together we develop the specifications for a program customized to your specific needs. Depending on your intent and the topic we choose, you will find:

  • Your managers and employees more equipped to deal with change, see their way past any resistance, roll with the punches, and accelerate the pace at which they move toward your business goals.
  • Your staff feeling more competent and able to deal with a wide array of employee issues in a constructive and confident way so they can focus on productive, bottom-line work without having to ask you every time.
  • Your employees have transitioned from fire-fighting mode and into growth and development mode for both your organization and business.
  • Your employees understand how others depend on their work to be timely, reliable and of a certain standard, and how delivering this performance fits into the big picture of your organization’s success.

A variety of options available.

Depending on the depth of the issue and the specific topics to be covered, training can be delivered in these ways:

  • 1-hour “lunch and learn”
  • 2-hour in-person session or webinar
  • half-day or multi-day in-person sessions
  • webinar training series
  • in-person training series

The fee for a customized program depends on how much needs to be developed, the length of the program, and how many participants will be involved.  

If the wheels are turning on a program you have in mind, you probably still have questions about how this can work, so do feel free to visit my Frequently Asked Questions and Working Together pages at this point.

If you’re interested in bringing in a customized program to meet the very specific needs of your workplace, you’ll want to schedule a call with me. We’ll talk in depth about your unique needs and figure out how this approach can work for you. Our discussion will be completely confidential. 

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